What time does school start and end?


TK-K: 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. every day

Grades 1-5:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:15 a.m. – 2:50 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday:  8:15 a.m. – 2:05 p.m.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:55 a.m. – 2:35 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday:  8:15 a.m. – 2:05 p.m.

I'm hungry! When is lunch and what's on the menu?

The TK/K, upper and lower grades have lunch in three shifts starting at 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Marquez students may bring their own lunches from home or purchase food from the cafeteria. Check out the menu

Do you serve breakfast?

The cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:30-8:15 a.m.

What about snacks?

Students may bring a snack to recess—we recommend veggies and fruit! Please leave glass containers, candy, gum, soda, and junk food at home. We do have children who are allergic to nuts, so no sharing of food is allowed (but thumbs up for your kind manners).

Does Marquez have a dress code?

Come to school in comfortable, appropriate clothes you can learn, play, and move freely wearing. We request closed-toe shoes at recess and lunch for safety. All students participating in field trips must wear a Marquez t-shirt, available for sale from the PTA.

What's the bus schedule?

There are no buses! Marquez seagulls walk, drive, carpool, or bike to school.

What is STAR and how do I sign up?

STAR Nova offers enrichment programs with afterschool classes that take place once a week, Monday through Friday. Always evolving to meet the interests of our students, special classes include: Improvisational Theater, Tennis Tutorials, Glee Club, Lego © Robotics, Ballet Dancing, Piano, Violin, Woodworking, and more!

Learn more about STAR and register online at http://marquez.starinc.org.

NOVA Director: Rosario
Site Director: Deann Wilken
Phone: 310-459-4839 E-mail: marquez@starinc.org

What should I be when I grow up?

Whatever you want to be!

What technology programs does Marquez offer?

The Friends of Marquez program has provided brand new Apple MacBook laptops or iPads on a 1:1 ratio for grades K-5. This enables even the youngest learners to explore the technical world and use computers to further enrich their creative thinking.

What's the school's emergency procedure?

In extreme circumstances, our campus lockdown procedure is:

  1. The Principal is in charge. When off campus the Principal will designate someone to be the “School Incident Commander”.
  2. We will use the Public Announcement system to call for a lockdown.
  3. Our school gates are to be closed during school hours with any open gate leading visitors to enter through the office. They will be immediately re-checked during any lockdown to ensure security.
  4. The faculty, staff, and students must: listen, follow directions immediately, and remain calm.
  5. Yard Supervisors and instructional aides quickly and safely usher any students outside into the auditorium, and students eating lunch are ushered to their classrooms or auditorium depending on location.
  6. Adults monitor and supervise students in the auditorium and in the classrooms.
  7. Once students and adults are safely inside during a lockdown, classroom and building doors are shut and locked, blinds are drawn.
  8. The School will liaise with the police to confirm details and instruction.
  9. Once the police confirm it is safe to go outside, school will resume the normal schedule.

Parents will be notified IF evacuation is required, or IF the lockdown is for a prolonged period of time (excess of 30 minutes). Otherwise, we will notify parents after the event that a lockdown situation occurred.

Any traffic rules I need to know about?

  • Parents should stay in their cars at all times.
  • Children should have everything they need in hand and ready to go.
  • Children should exit the cars when they are in one of the first four cars by the lower gate. Aides and cones will be stationed at the lower gate to open car doors.
  • Car doors should only be opened after the Kindergarten wall.
  • Please do not pull up outside the front gate and open the car door, as that jams up traffic.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, open car doors before the teachers’ parking lot. It is hazardous for children crossing this driveway.

I love field trips! Do you have those at Marquez?

Yes! Field trips are planned by our teachers. For example, fourth graders go on a field trip to Sacramento in June to learn about California history (coordinated by a service which arranges flights and buses). Fifth graders go on an overnight field trip to bond in October. Don’t forget to wear your Marquez t-shirt to field trips!

What should I do if my student is tardy or absent?

If your child must be late to school, please have your child report to the office before heading to class with a note explaining the tardiness. If your child is absent, please send a note to school the next day explaining the absence. All absences cause our school to lose funding, even those that are excused. Please plan your vacations according to the school calendar. Each unexcused absence costs approximately $60 in lost funding.

I can’t wait to play! Is there supervision on the playground before and after school?

The safety of our students is a top priority. Supervision is provided by aides on the lower yard in the morning starting at 7:45am. For student in 2nd grade and higher, the lower yard is open from school dismissal until 5pm, with supervision provided by Youth Services and The Beyond The Bell Program.

How can I donate my money or time to Marquez?

Marquez Charter is a public school, but the education our children receive is actually something we like to call Public Education Plus+. It’s the magic that happens when Marquez gets to combine LAUSD funding with the substantial contributions Marquez families, and our community, make each year via Friends of Marquez. FOM funding accounts for about 60% of the school's 2016/2017 Discretionary Operating budget. Without Friends of Marquez, our school simply would not be the same.

The majority of FOM's funding comes from our annual giving campaign, Circle of Giving (COG), which typically accounts for 70% of the total funds raised by FOM in a given school year. Our goal for COG is 100% participation from Marquez Families. FOM gratefully accepts any contribution, from $10 to $10,000, and we hope every family will donate the amount that makes sense for them. We have a Corporate Matching gift program for companies that match their employee's charitable donations. We also accept Stock Transfers. FOM raises the remainder of its funding through a variety of community and school events such as our Annual Auction, Year of Parties, the Halloween Festival, the Holiday Boutique, and many more. (click here to learn more!)

Friends of Marquez also receives many generous Community Sponsorships from our local businesses and families. At Marquez Charter School, we take pride in our long-standing tradition of parent engagement and active involvement. Parents collaborate with the school's administration, teachers and staff to ensure that our children receive an excellent, enriched and well-rounded education at Marquez.